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Delicate all-butter puff pastry filled with crème pâtissière (creamy vanilla custard), made with organic milk and real vanilla bean. Available in multiple sizes.

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Napoleons are a classic example of a pastry that is greater than the sum of its parts. The pairing of crisp, buttery puff pastry and smooth vanilla custard makes for a beautiful partnership, with a fabulous mix of textures and flavors.

Not surprisingly, Napoleons were named in honor of the iconic French statesman and leader, and they have been popular since his empire in the 1800s.

It’s the perfect name, really – Napoleons are small, and you could be forgiven for underestimating them. However, you won’t soon forget any encounter with these heavenly French pastries!

Serving Suggestions

  • Napoleons are lovely with coffee or tea. Order a batch and enjoy them with your morning cup of joe or to boost your mid-afternoon caffeine break.
  • If you’re a fan of real vanilla bean like we are, you’re going to love creamy, crispy Napoleons and our handmade Vanilla Macarons.


The Napoleon cake is a Russian version of the French Mille-Feuille cake that is appreciated in many Slavic countries, but particularly in France. It was supposedly eaten to celebrate the Russian defeat of Napoleon in 1812, however the exact origin of the cake is unknown. /The Napoleon cake or Mille-Feuille, as it is known in France, is said to have its origin in Napoleon’s campaign in Russia. Allegendly it was eaten to celebrate the Russian defeat of Napoleon in 1812. This is a beautiful legend, yet very difficult to verify, especially considering how much time during the campaign did both Russians and French have to bake cakes. Others say the Napoleon cake was invented in the end of the nineteenth century, when the diplomatic relationships between Russia and France became more at ease and it symbolised the new friendly relationships between the countries. Another legend states the the cake was invented by the Emperor himself. One day, caught by his wife Josephine seating indecently close to a charming lady and whispering into her ear, Napoleon justified himself by saying that he told the young woman the secret cake recipe, so he rapidly invented the ingredients and the cooking process. Marshal Davout, who heard the conversation between Napoleon and his wife, took the patrimony of the secret and ordered the cooks in the Versailles to make the dessert for the dinner the same night. Already during the evening dessert the whole court applauded the genius of the Emperor. It is more likely, however, that the recipe dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century, more precisely 1925. According to this theory the Napoleon cake was invented by a patissier from Oloron Sainte-Marie, France, whose name was Adrien Artigarrède. After his trip to Russia, M Artigarrède decided to re-interpret the old recipe of a cake he discovered in Russia, by adding Crimean almonds and sprinkling the cake with icing sugar, what represents the traditional recipe of the Napoleon cake today.

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Shelly H.
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Napoleons and beyond

We have ordered from Bon Pastry several times.The napoleons are superb and the lemon tart,fruit tart,chocolate cake and chocolate ganache are nothing short of delicious yumminess! The products are made with high quality ingredients, never overly sweet and can be delivered to your home by the smiling owner Angelo. Treat yourself:you won’t regret it!

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