Fruit Tart
Fruit Tart Fruit Tart Fruit Tart Fruit Tart
Fruit Tart
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A tender butter pastry shell filled with crème pâtissière (creamy vanilla custard) and topped with a selection of fresh berries soaked in Grand Marnier. Available in 4-1/2” and 9” sizes.

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The Bonpastry Fruit Tart is a handmade all-butter pastry shell, filled to the brim with crème pâtissière, a delightfully smooth custard made with real vanilla bean. The topping of macerated berries lends an authentically French twist.

The fresh berries on top of our Fruit Tart are soaked in Grand Marnier liqueur, a French cognac brandy sweetened with sugar and oranges.

The delicate hint of citrus is a perfect partner to tangy, juicy berries and the creamy custard filling. Our fruit tart sets the bar for this bakery classic.

Serving Suggestions

  • Our Fruit Tart was made for teatime. Enjoy a slice alongside your favorite brew – we love it with Earl Grey or chamomile.
  • Celebrate your favorite bride- or groom-to-be with a pre-wedding breakfast featuring Bonpastry handmade quiches, our fresh Fruit Tart, and plenty of coffee and mimosas.


The idea of ​​baking a filling with a container of dough is very old, and it is declined in many ways in the world. Thus, Italian calzones, Mexican empanadas, Polish pierogis and Jamaican patties are all based on this principle. Salty pies were therefore the first to be made and their history is intimately linked to the evolution of baking and pastry science. That said, pies were mostly popularized in the Middle Ages, and the fruit pie as we know it today was developed in the 19th century. The pie is certainly one of the oldest pastries. The pastry at the origin takes its name from the raw material essential to its composition: the dough and those who worked and cooked the dough: pastry cooks. The latter cooked following the bakers salted and sweet pies that dominated pastry preparations until the seventeenth century. The pastry cooks organized themselves in 1440 when the first statutes of the profession were promulgated. These statutes allowed pastry chefs to distinguish themselves from bakers and oubloyeurs. To the oubloyeurs, the making of oublie (later ‘gaufre waffles’ in the Middle-Ages) and light pastries, pastries, meat pies, fish, cheese and various sweet fillings that we will be interested in today.In the kitchens of aristocratic or royal houses, The pie is a piece to bake in an oven, consisting of a crust of dough, bread dough or dark dough, shortbread or broken dough, topped with cream, fresh or dried fruit, frangipane which is a very old preparation . Originally, they were cooked for weddings and banquets. Pie recipes The recipes were passed down from master to apprentice or from mother to daughter, the majority of the population being illiterate. Even the greatest cook of the Middle Ages, Maître Chiquart dictated his cookbook " Because of cooking " published in 1420 to a clerk of his acquaintance. And by the way, let's mention that it proposes only 4 recipes of dessert for three days of banquet which shows the little importance of the pastry at this time. It was not until 1653 that the first book of desserts of La Varenne,cook of the Marquis d'Uxelles, entitled " Le Pâtierier François" In which he gives the first recipes of short pastry and shortbread, pies, biscuits and macaroons. Baking pies Pies were first cooked in the hearth in molds placed on hot embers at home or in the oven baker after baking breads. We also cooked with leftover pastes fruit pies, kind of slippers. Pies cooked with their filling use broken or flaky pastes. Cooked pies of shortbread or broken pasta. In the Renaissance, the appearance of kitchen stoves allows for a softer cooking and the pastry grows under the influence of Italian pastry chefs then the best pastry chefs in the world known with meringues, cabbages and various biscuits. It was not until the 19th century with the advent of gas ovens and beet sugar that pastry reached its peak and the greatest desserts of French gastronomy were created.

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We are delivering at this time with no delays with safe no-contact delivery if requested.

We look forward to the opportunity of serving you our delicious pastries delivered directly to your door to bring joy to your household during these times.

We deliver in San Diego County area 7 days a week. Please call us anytime at (760) 494 - 7512 for additional delivery information or requests.

We offer Same Day Delivery to the following areas for a flat rate of $5:
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Del Mar & surrounding areas.

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Joan V.
United States United States

Quality Ingredients = Perfect Bites

We tried the fruit tart as it was my daughter’s first pick for her birthday cake and Chef Christiane did not disappoint. From first bite to the last bite, the fruit was fresh and firm, the custard was creamy and not too sweet making a perfect bite with that just crunchy enough buttery shell. If you like fruit tarts this will be your favorite. Never had a fruit tart? Well this is where you want to start - go ahead, order one!!!

Frank T.
United States United States

Best fruit tart ever!

BonPastry consistently delivers the best pastries. We are repeat customers and always look for excuses to order from them. Their pastry cream in the fruit tarts is absolutely delicious.

Jane N.
United States United States

Customer Service 5 Star..

Unfortunately didn't get my order so I can't really give feedback on the product..What I can give you is a 5 star Superb customer service..AMAZING .So I ordered on line want it delivered in few hours but apparently they were fully booked..So someone called me explain and gave me an option anyway I cancelled .And was a very pleasant interaction..

Kay D.
United States United States

I’m trying out several items for my daughter’s shower. The fruit tart will definitely be one of the desserts.

Great delivery service and the best French pastry I’ve had in a long time.

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