Lisa W - 5/21/2009 - Yelp Reviews
A secret find -- I needed tiramisu for a birthday party and ordered this the day before, it was excellent! The owner met all my needs - did it quickly and everyone loved the dessert. It's great to find a place that does custom work and uses such high quality ingredients....

Patrick - 5/21/2009 - Google Places
AWESOME ! I recommend Bon Pastry without hesitation. Excellent quality at a very good price. Their French sablé was sooo delicious! I cannot wait to my next order.

Zaina - 5/21/2009 - Google Places
Best of the best ! I needed a birthday cake and I called Bon Pastry after finding them on Google. The cake was finished on the same day and it came very nicely decorated. My guests all loved it and many of them asked me where I bought it from! I highly recommend Bon Pastry to all delicious desserts lovers.

Lisa - 5/02/2009 - Google Places
Tremendous Tiramisu I was throwing a birthday party for someone who loves tiramisu, and we got the BEST tiramisu from here! The birthday girl loved it and even my kids (who are quite picky) ate it. Very light and creamy and fresh - you could tell all the ingredients were high quality. So glad I discovered this place.

Eddie - 12/27/2008 - Google Places
Pastry Mastery Bon Pastry offers a great variety of luscious cakes and treats. Everything is upper class quality served at quite affordable prices. I must recommend both the bouche du noel around the holidays, the equivalent of chocolate heaven, and the sable...the perfected french cookie.

Viveka - 12/27/2008 - Google Places
French Cookies These cookies were such a great hit from Carlsbad, CA to Mexico City and Miami, Florida. I sent them to clients and employees, they are still raving about them.

Angelo - 09/03/2008 - Google Places
Baked with sweetness The pastries are unbelievably tasty. Haven't had anything like this except in France and Italy. The tarts and chocolate cakes are truly bites of heaven in beautiful Carlsbad! Check it out and you won't be able to resist the organic and fine ingredients of these healthy and tasty bites.