Cherry Clafoutis Cake
Cherry Clafoutis Cake Cherry Clafoutis Cake
Cherry Clafoutis Cake
Very moist and light famous fruit cake of France. Made with fresh cherries and yogurt. Perfect for any occasion.

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Very moist and light famous fruit cake of France. Made with fresh cherries and yogurt. Perfect for any occasion.

Clafoutis appeared during the nineteenth century in the region of central France, Limousin, whose clafoutis is considered to be the most traditional. The name of clafoutis is the subject of etymological controversy. According to some, the word originates in the word Occitan dialect clafir or claufir which means "garniture" or "filling". For others, the origin of the name goes back to the Latin word clavum fingere which means "plant a nail", referring to the cherries, which are "planted" in the dough. In Occitan language (language of the South of France, North-Western Italy and Monaco), it is sometimes called pelhaire , which means "rag man", because the juice made by the cherries during the cooking color paste uneven purple and gives it the ragged appearance of a rag. It is said that cherry is the favorite fruit of the French , since its triumphal entry into the Middle Ages. Among the conquered, there are two illustrious characters. Louis XV, who loved it to the point of encouraging its development by promoting the discovery of new varieties. It is to him that the French owe the optimization of the culture of the modern cherry tree. As for Napoleon, he loved cherries so much that the type of cherry he preferred, now bears his name. In France , from the Middle Ages, the cherry enters the menus, raw or cooked in the wine, and it is served as a dessert. This sweet and delicate fruit was widely appreciated, but also the wood of his tree. The medical school of Salerno (Xth - XIIIth century) has extolled its virtues in these terms: "Cherry, kind fruit, what good you give us! You flatter our taste, you make our moods pure. You pour a new blood into your body and for the calculators you give your nucleus. " Did you know that around the cherry have flourished myths and legends around the world? Here are some of them, for the most famous: - In Greek mythology , the leaves of the cherry tree were the sacred plant of Venus and its fruits always bore good luck in love. - Among the Italians , always as romantic, in Sicily precisely, it is said that declarations of love made under a cherry tree leads to a happy and happy relationship. - The Saxon legends say that cherry trees shelter the gods who protect the fields. - The Chinese say that cherry represents feminine beauty and the Japanese have made cherry blossom the national symbol. the Japan also provides his own explanation as to the pink color of his flowers: they say that, originally, cherry blossoms were white but after the samurai fell in battle, they were buried under the cherry petals that have become pink because of the blood of powerful men.

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