The history of the macaron has been one of controversy and excitement.  Rumored to have been developed by an Italian pastry chef of the famed Renaissance noblewoman Catherine De Medici, the macaron was supposedly introduced to France at her royal wedding to King Henry II of France in 1533.  From this dynastic union, the French macaron was born, and its taste fitting of royalty has been developed over the years.  The pastry has spread worldwide, with its international appeal growing into the 21st century.  From its mysterious beginnings, the macaron has been transformed and perfected over time to become the sweet confectionary of BonPastry that it is today. 


 For Christiane Stephano herself, owner and head baker at BonPastry, her personal journey mirrors that of the macaron itself.  Born and raised in Paris and Lebanon, Christiane began baking at a young age.  As a young woman, Christiane moved to Paris, France, and learned the art of baking and preparing tantalizing French pastries.  It was there that her love of the macaron began, and she soon traveled extensively through Europe, absorbing the culture and developing her culinary talents.  Christiane was inspired further by her experience exploring the dessert world of Cannes in the French Riviera, and decided to bring her knowledge of French desserts to America.  


 The Macaron has quickly become BonPastry’s most famous and popular item.  These “bites of heaven”, as Christiane calls them, are delicious and light cookies made with almond meal and filled with mocha Kahlua or chocolate ganache.  Baked with passion and love, the final and most important ingredients, the macarons provide a true taste of France that would make even Catherine De Medici proud.   

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