Orange Pound

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A bunt-shaped cake made with freshly squeezed Orange juice and peel, and finished with a touch of Grand Marnier. Great for afternoon teas.


Eggs, Grand Marnier, Orange Juice, Orange Peel, Sugar, Unbleached Flour

The history of the Orange Pound Cake, starts in 1700s in England. Most likely the recipe of the Orange Pound Cake derived from the English Pound Cake, which is a fluffy cake that English liked to eat with a cup of tea. The development of trade in between the countries in the following decades have led to the cultural and traditional exchange between the nations, which brought the recipe of the English Pound cake in France. The recipe was later modified by adding some spices and, most importantly, oranges. The new recipe became very popular among the Parisian tea rooms, which helped the Orange Pound Cake to gain its appreciation worldwide.